Admiral LEO

World-wide coverage service of satellite and terrestrial IoT

Admiral LEO is the latest Sigfox service that will enable the tracking and monitoring of objects anywhere from remote to non-terrestrial areas. Combined with the Sigfox Terrestrial 0G network it will provide a unique, affordable, hybrid connectivity service for IoT use cases.

Eutelsat - Sigfox - TOTAL logo

Total will partner with Sigfox and Eutelsat for the Beta phase launch in 2020 to evaluate Admiral LEO as a solution for the global deployment of connected objects.


Key benefits

Global, seamless and reliable coverage

The hybrid combination of satellite and terrestrial means the connectivity service is available in remote, urban and indoor areas. Objects will be able to communicate through both Sigfox 0G terrestrial network and Eutelsat’s fleet of ELO (Eutelsat LEO for Objects), Eutelsat’s fleet of nano satellites. Admiral LEO completes Sigfox’s strategy to cover the globe.

Affordable total cost ownership

By maximizing satellite capacity with UNB technology and leveraging Sigfox 0G Network Ecosystem to reduce chip, module and object costs are significantly reduced. With Admiral LEO, we can expect double digit $ Total Cost of Ownership over the lifetime of the device.

Energy-efficiency through low power batteriesPArtie 3

Thanks to a common design based on the patented Sigfox Technology, and the know-how of the Sigfox Ecosystem, to produce energy-efficient devices, battery life duration of Admiral LEO-enabled devices will be similar to existing Sigfox objects.

Simple and seamless operations

One technology, one cloud will enable quick & easy integration and deployment, optimizing your operations seamlessly with accuracy and efficiency regardless of the communication mode used.

Multiple use cases

Livestock tracking and monitoring

Livestock management solutions allow the farming industry to improve productivity, reduce costs and foster better living conditions for animals. Tracking and monitoring of animals anywhere, indoor and outdoor, with inexpensive terminals and coverage allows more animals to be connected and to collect data on a more frequent basis. This will ensure livestock is in good health and to optimize and prevent unforeseen illness and costs.

Safety of goods

Send alerts everywhere on earth with affordable equipment to ensure the safety of goods from machines to signaling equipment in the middle of the Ocean.

Industrial asset tracking

Tracking the location and conditions of valuable industrial assets reduces operational costs and improves productivity. Global coverage ensured by Admiral LEO limits the loss of goods and provides the capability to locate them efficiently. Long time battery life minimizes maintenance and cost of operations.

Oil & Gas tank monitoring

Oil & Gas companies can monitor level, pressure, flow, temperature, etc. of tanks to optimize production, distribution and prevent critical issues. Coverage even in remote and/or desert areas. Easy to install and roll out at scale. Operational lifetime of several years on a single battery.