Published on 10.16.2019


Electronic Product Development - Stage 6 mois


Our team is in charge to develop network equipment products and associated industrial means. We are also referent to support the development of new products using Sigfox technology and to propose reference designs to partners. The main objective is to reflect and then design about a 400MHz super-regenerative receiver. This one must be able to receive a beacon from LEO satellite. The beacon send some information and to wake-up the device. After a search bibliography and analysis phase, there will be a design hardware, validation and measurement phase. The aim is to be able, at the end of the internship journey, to provide 400MHz Super-regenerative Receiver front-end RF hardware demonstrator. 



As an intern, you will be in charge of :

  • Bibliography

  • Define the radiofrequency hardware

  • Design the electronic board

  • Develop the embedded software for test

  • Validate the prototypes



  • Enthusiastic, resourceful, curious and autonomous

  • Enjoy teamwork and good interpersonal skills

  • Analytical and synthesis capacity

  • Good knowledge on radio frequency and signal processing

  • Good Knowledge on radiofrequency simulator like ADS, CST

  • Use of laboratory instruments (multimeter, oscilloscope, spectrum, vector analyzer, …)

  • Embedded software development (PIC/ARM/8051, …)

  • Good knowledge on Linux/Windows

  • Knowledge on IDE (Keil, GCC, Eclipse, …)

  • Good English level 



"Sigfox, as a learning organization and open minded on Diversity is ready to welcome Extra-ordinary people and adapt their Workplace."