Published on 04.16.2021


International Sales Manager

The International Sales Manager – will be a sales leader, with experience in developing a full sales cycle from market assessment through to sales execution & management. You will be responsible for owning four core areas:

  • Owning all Vertical Solution Sales (VSS) campaigns – Execute current VSS campaigns & identify, qualify, select, launch & lead all future campaigns.  
  • Channel Inputs – Work closely with the Director of Channel Management to ensure there are appropriate channel partners ready to engage at the relevant time. 
  • Package non VSS use-cases – prepare non VSS user cases ready for onward marketing
  • Collaboration – Work with all stakeholders to ensure alignment



Your role is central to our overall success, you will drive all aspects of the sales & Go-To-Market efforts, either directly or via our sales team. You will come with deep sales & market development as a sale & thought leadership. Your responsibilities will be to drive all aspects of the sales cycle, including: market assessment, lead generation, value proposition, light house wins, setting direction for channel and then managing the sales execution. 

VSS ownership

Own all aspects of the VSS initiative

  • VSS strategy – define, document & launch the VSS strategy to align all parts of our business
  • Existing VSS campaigns – ensure existing VSS campaigns meet the pre-defined KPI’s & are appropriately managed  
  • Use-case assessment – working within the VSS strategy, review all existing & new use-case and select
  •  VSS management – lead existing & future VSS campaigns to meet the defined outcome & achieve all KPI’s
  • Company alignment – Ensure that all relevant parts of our company aligned behind the VSS campaigns 

Channel inputs

Ensure that VSS campaigns are fully supported by the channel team

  • Channel partner – ensure that the channel team have a clear & timely requirement brief to meet the agreed route to market 
  • Onboarding – work with the channel team to ensure the timely onboarding of selected partners
  • Partner reviews – work with the channel team to ensure the VSS campaigns are driving maximum growth & all possible GTM options have been explored & actioned where required.  

Package non VSS use-case

Make ready non VSS use-case to ensure the channel team can action the GTM plan as required

  • Use-case qualification – assess all available use-cases and categories into viable & non-viable VSS campaigns 
  • Package – produce a consistent use-case description including where the use case could fit into the horizontal GTM strategy.


  •  Engagement – Engage both internal & external stakeholders to ensure total alignment
  •  Co-ordination – Co-ordinate across multiple parts of our business & external partners to ensure VSS



  • Strong sales leader
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Passionate, enthusiastic and energetic
  • Professional discipline
  • Humility and coachability
  • Integrity and strong work ethic
  • Curiosity and strong active listening
  • Excellent English language skills, both written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of CRM, Enterprise applications and Microsoft office

This position is remote and can be based in UK, France or Europe.

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