16 November 2017

Argon Consulting and Sigfox announce a new partnership, aiming to build the Supply Chain 4.0

Press Release
Argon Consulting and Sigfox announce a new partnership, aiming to build the Supply Chain 4.0

Argon Consulting, the leading European consulting firm in Operational Performance, and Sigfox, worldwide pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, are proud to announce a strategic partnership which aims to develop new Connected Supply Chain models for global businesses.


The Digital Revolution is well underway, with 20 billion objects expected to be connected by 2020. Data from IoT initiatives creates huge opportunities to follow real-time industrial flows and finished goods, to decrease lead times and costs, and to optimize production. As such, it heralds a new era for the Connected Supply Chain and the development of new business models.


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Thanks to its dedicated Argon Digital team, Argon Consulting helps business leaders to identify IoT opportunities in their operations, with a pragmatic approach targeting specific issues.


Fabrice Bonneau Argon consulting“Some use cases for the IoT, like tracking international logistical flows, need worldwide network coverage and the ability to follow goods which are moving between different continents. Thanks to its technology and its network covering 36 countries, Sigfox is one step ahead. Our strategic partnership with Sigfox will help us to accelerate the implementation of IoT solutions for our clients’ worldwide Supply Chains. Various ongoing trials are showing a significant ROI”
- Fabrice Bonneau, Managing Partner at Argon.


Sigfox and Argon Consulting have notably conducted a world-first in tracking maritime containers. Sensors enabled real-time detection of unloading on arrival at port, anticipation of activity, reduction of shipping delays, and visibility for the final client. IoT technology offers a solution which is totally independent of transporters.


Building on the supply chain expertise of Argon Consulting and the technological maturity of Sigfox, Argon seeks to develop, test, and deploy IoT solutions and manage the transformations brought to organizations, industries, and technologies.


“We areLudovic le moan CEO of Sigfox pleased to launch this collaboration with Argon Consulting, the European leader in Operational Performance consultancy. We are convinced that this partnership will allow us to accelerate the deployment of IoT solutions in Supply Chain and to strengthen the French advance in Supply Chain 4.0.”
- Ludovic Le Moan, CEO and Founder of Sigfox.