15 November 2017

Obike Partners Unabiz In Adopting Geolocation For One Million Bikes on Sigfox Global Network

Press Release
Obike Partners Unabiz In Adopting Geolocation For One Million Bikes

oBike – Singapore’s first homegrown smart, stationless bike-sharing company partners UnaBiz - Asia’s first dedicated IoT (Internet of Things) network operator, to roll out geolocation services for one million bikes on Sigfox Global LPWA (Low-Power Wide-Area) Network, starting with Singapore and Taiwan.


For bike-sharing companies - cases of misuse, vandalism, illegal parking and bike lost have cast a shadow over the popularity of their services. Pressure from regulators is also an ongoing global issue. As an early adopter of new technology, oBike is tackling the problem head-on.


Edward Chen - Co-Founder and Marketing Director - obike“Our partnership with UnaBiz to deploy geolocation our bikes is a commitment of oBike’s ongoing initiative to improve overall user experience. We have evaluated all our options carefully and have concluded that Sigfox is the best fit for our business model. Its low-cost global network is the only LPWA network readily available in Asia and Europe where we are currently operating. A single contract with UnaBiz spares us the hassle of having to negotiate with multiple network providers, and this is crucial as we are fast expanding globally.”

– Edward Chen, Co-Founder & CMO – oBike.



Presently, the operator’s bikes are connected to their bike-sharing app via Bluetooth and 3G/4G network. When a user concludes his or her ride, the user’s phone will send a signal of the bicycle’s last location to oBike’s cloud so that the service provider can put its location back on the map. The issue is that if a bike is moved when locked, oBike will not be able to track and trace it - that is where UnaBiz can fill the gap. By using Sigfox's LPWA network, the bikes will be able to transmit their location data at regular intervals directly to oBike's cloud without relying on the user's Bluetooth or Cellular network. Sigfox's long-range, low-power technology allows oBike to monitor their bicycles around the world more efficiently and effectively.


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With timely updates on the locations of bikes, oBike is able to operate more efficiently by matching the demand and supply of bicycles according to the areas of need. This not only helps to curb irresponsible behaviours such as illegal parking and bike hogging, but also reduces the problem of theft and vandalism.


“We are dedicated to working closely with the authorities, councils and other relevant stakeholders to improve bike-sharing etiquette and encourage civic-mindedness in the city. Geolocalising our bicycles not only improves overall user experience, it is also in line with our long-term vision of creating an economical, responsible and sustainable bike-sharing culture.”
– Edward Chen, Co-Founder & CMO – oBike.


Recently, the Land Transport Authority has set out mutually agreed guidelines with bikesharing companies to improve public safety and reduce inconveniences caused by public shared bikes. Under the agreement, operators will have to adopt geo-fencing technology by the end of this year.


Jonathan Tan, VP Sales and Business Development – UnaBiz.“We are very excited to partner with oBike to help them increase their global operational efficiency. UnaBiz will demonstrate the pervasiveness of Sigfox’s network, starting with Singapore and Taiwan, where we have achieved a service coverage of over 95% and 80% of the population respectively. Our network is ready and this partnership affirms the level of confidence our partners have in us. It is a win-win-win for oBike, UnaBiz and Sigfox.”

– Jonathan Tan, VP Sales and Business Development – UnaBiz.



President Asia Pacific - SIgfox“The Sigfox network connectivity solution is designed to be simple, low cost and highly scalable – it is built and designed for partners with a global footprint. oBike’s requirement for geolocation is the perfect use case, where scalability and cost are key. With coverage readily available in 36 countries worldwide, and 60 countries by 2018, Sigfox is ready to support and work with UnaBiz to be a partner in oBike’s global expansion.”

– Roswell Wolff, President Asia Pacific – Sigfox.




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