Published on 06.04.2021


Partner Network Apprentice

The Partner Network Apprentice will support the SPN Manager in Sigfox Partner Network Alliance development strategy. This involves managing the platform, and ultimately identifying and defining a strategy for the Sigfox Partner Network (SPN). 

You will : 

  • Be an important point of contact for SPN, within the Sigfox organisation, partners, and SOs. 
  • Support the definition and execution of the Sigfox Partner Network (SPN) strategy  
  • Maintain the SPN website and liaise with ongoing development teams. 
  • Respond to customer support requests related to SPN   
  • Define and support processes for customer updates, including mandatory requirements to maintain listing  
  • Periodically benchmark SPN with competitor’s ecosystem platforms 
  • Publish monthly and quarterly SPN performance data including value creation metrics 
  • Ensure Sigfox visibility within partners' collaterals, marketing tools, and events 
  • Provide and communicate the progress of the SPN, especially in terms of activated devices, new customer acquisition, and new product launch.  



Full time