Private Area Network

Build and operate your own Private Area Network to enable your business.

All devices can be connected, and you can securely collect data to enhance visibility and empower better decisions. 


Key benefits

Full control on infrastructure in your area(s)

Deploy and operate base stations to build your own network in different locations: A reliable & secure dedicated infrastructure to manage your devices.

No subscription fees to connect all your devices

By buying base station(s), you will be able to connect a predefined number of devices without any extra charge.

Simple and reliable infrastructure enriched with the experience of an existing ecosystem of partners

Benefit from the unique experience of Sigfox and its ecosystem: a 0G network with plenty of devices available off-the-shelf that you can reuse for your own business.

Seamless mobility by combining with the Global 0G network

You can select the option to connect your network to the Global Sigfox 0G network to benefit from global coverage for your mobile devices. The Global Sigfox 0G network will collect messages and send them back to your infrastructure.

Empower scalability for your business

Optional connectivity with the Global Sigfox 0G network gives you the opportunity to scale your private network as your business grows, with our world-wide coverage, and cost-efficient Sigfox infrastructure.

Multiple use cases

Facility management

Facility management aims at regularly collecting information from sensors or at receiving alerts due to issues (low battery of sensors, fire alarms, water leak detection). This information is used to manage and monitor resources such as heating and air conditioning system as well as optimize maintenance operations. Quality of service and efficiency are drastically improved. Such objects are usually fixed with high level of density in the different locations. The Sigfox Private Area Network fits perfectly with these use cases by providing full control on the infrastructure and its related costs.

Sensitive site monitoring & management

IOT can address sensitive situations such as monitoring components in power plant sites. These sites require a full control on the infrastructure and also a high level of data protection that could prevent the use of a global network. The Sigfox Private Area Network will address these constraints by enabling customers to deploy and operate a network but also to collect data in a dedicated system managed in their own infrastructure.

Smart Home

"Ultimate miniaturization" of the Private Network limited to a house or an apartment to monitor and to control conditions such as Air Conditioning, shutters, lights, home alarms. The Sigfox Private Area Network will be a simple access point to collect data from surrounding objects and with a smart interface on mobile or PC to control them.