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You have a lot to gain from Sigfox’s powerful ecosystem of partners and talent. Together with our ecosystem, we’ve been building and developing along the IoT value chain to speed up the adoption of Sigfox connectivity and leverage our partners’ scale and distribution capability.

How to partner with Sigfox ?
It's simple !

How to partner with Sigfox ?
  • Join and become qualified for one of the partner programs
  • Develop and certify modules and devices
  • Become a Sigfox qualified Channel Partner
  • Sign-up to Sigfox IoT connectivity service with a Sigfox Channel Partner
Sigfox Operators partners

Sigfox Operators partners
build the SIGFOX network within a country and sell SIGFOX IoT communication service subscriptions.

Sigfox Eco-System Partners

Sigfox Eco-System Partners
develop modules, devices or platforms that are essential for the uptake of IOT in the market. It covers a very wide range of actor all along the IoT value chain.

Sigfox Channel Partners

Sigfox Channel Partners
embed the SIGFOX IoT communication service in their global offers, usually adding services to create solutions, or for their internal needs.

What does Sigfox provide to partners?

Global network connectivity

Global network connectivity with SLA and tools to manage your customers and IoT devices

A secure global cloud

A secure global cloud with API to provide easy access to your data.


Support while developing your products.

Commercial and technical training and support

Commercial and technical training and support

Visibility and enablement

Visibility and enablement across the Sigfox partner ecosystem

How to start Iot project with Sigfox ?

How to start Iot project with Sigfox

It’s easy to start your IoT project:

  • Find an existing solution or build your own one (these solutions and the partners you’ll need are referenced on the Sigfox Partner Network online platform).
  • Contact your local Sigfox Operator for Sigfox IoT connectivity service subscription.

Sigfox Professional Services can help you
to boost your Business Opportunity

Validate your

Validate your business
  • Identify opportunity
  • Analyze market competition
  • Assess existing solutions
    (device and platforms)
  • Confirm business case

Find the best

Find the best solution
  • Assess the needs
  • Refine the objectives
  • Define the development strategy
    (make, buy or adapt)
  • Identify the best partners
  • Specify the device, antenna, platform

Industrialize your

Industrialize your vision
  • Support the technical design
  • Optimize costs
  • Manufacture your worldwide product
  • Manage suppliers
  • Fast track certifications
  • Ensure best quality
  • Launch your product

Make things
come alive !

Make things come alive