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In addition to its core IoT connectivity service, Sigfox offers a range of services to make even more simple to use Sigfox’s technology, to deploy and to adopt mass IoT solutions. These services allow to connect billions of wireless devices that are not yet connected to the internet. 

This game-changing development has been made possible by the cognitive capabilities of the Sigfox network and its Software Define Radio technology, where all the network and computing complexity is managed in the Cloud rather than on the device. This enables Sigfox to constantly improve its network features and make them available by simple software upgrade.



Sigfox Admiral blueSIGFOX ADMIRAL BLUE

The Sigfox core connectivity solution is a unique approach for device-to-cloud communications by making it possible for devices to send and receive data over the Internet without the need to manage complex connections or SIM cards.

The company had developed a technology that allows inexpensive modules from as little as $2 to send tiny packets of information over long distances while using little power.




It is a simplified connectivity service which now makes it possible to transform any short- range wireless device into a long-range IoT, with a hardware component as little as $0.20, and as simple as the one that you find in a garage door remote control. 

Unlike other services currently available on the market, Admiral Ivory opens the door to creating connected, disposable assets and one-time IoT applications. Imagine being able to connect and track small parcels and letters. Through Admiral Ivory, this is technically and economically possible – presenting a significant opportunity for industrial packing, logistics and retail industries.




It provides a unique radio recognition service to devices equipped with a simple Sigfox Verified certified module, without any additional hardware such as GPS or Wi-Fi chipset. Sigfox’s technology operates in unlicensed bands worldwide, with radio frequencies ranging from 862 to 928 MHz.

Using unlicensed bands enable devices to send their data to the cloud while using little power, at very low cost. Sigfox Monarch provides a unique radio recognition service enabling devices to manage the radio frequency changes, without any additional hardware such as GPS or Wi-Fi chipset.This service enables devices to run seamlessly in all parts of the world, by automatically recognizing and adapting to the local radiofrequencies standards. It unlocks endless use cases in logistics and supply chain, the consumer industry, and in the automated maintenance for the shipping, aircraft and railway industries. 



Previously known as Sigfox Geolocation, it is a low energy and low price location service for all devices equipped with the simplest Sigfox module, without GPS. There’s no need to retrofit to upgrade specific hardware, or to update software.

Sigfox can now provide a location for all existing and future devices in all areas where the network is deployed. Sigfox Atlas is suitable for use cases where metric precision isn’t needed. For example, to track moving items through complex supply chains. 




In addition to its IoT Network services, Sigfox also provides a streamlined onboarding process, Sigfox Sunrise. It is designed to help partners cut their development time and costs.

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